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Google has updated Now with traffic incidents and other new cards

Google updated Search for Android last night to bring it in line with recent changes made in KitKat. The update brings the new KitKat UI transparency – if you install the latest launcher, at least – as well as new Google Now functionality.

Google’s predictive assist tool now alerts users to updates from their favourite news websites. Now will also push real time rugby scores, plus a “What To Watch” card based on your previous searches and viewing habits. Any reminders set using Now will also be pushed multiple times

Any traffic incidents picked up by Google will also pushed out to Android users thanks to Waze intergration. Google recently updated Maps to show traffic reports and accidents, so it’s good to see Now trying to keep drivers one step ahead.

Google is rolling out the Search update right now, but Android Police has the verified APK if you’re feeling impatient.


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