Google Pixel 6 Pro Review


The Pixel 6 Pro is arguably the brand’s first true no-holds-barred flagship device. But how does it perform compared to the cream of the crop from Apple, Samsung, and Sony?

What we love — Swish software, and an incredible camera

If you want to have the best Android experience possible, this smartphone is currently your best bet. The operating system has never looked better, boasting exclusive features such as real-time translation, guaranteed security patches for the next five years, and the Material You user interface is intuitive to get the grips with.

From the hardware perspective, the screen is this device’s biggest selling point. The LTPO panel delivers pitch-perfect brightness, contrast, and HDR support, while the variable refresh rate runs from 10Hz to 120Hz, ensuring battery conservation on the low end and super smooth scrolling at the high end of that spectrum.

The camera, in typical Pixel style, is also excellent, and outperforms the Samsung Galaxy S21 at every corner. Whether in regular or low light conditions, the triple camera system excels and delivers plenty of versatility. Portrait mode is particularly well-worked, and there are so many editing options to get the best out of your snaps, including Magic Eraser to get rid of unwanted objects from the frame.

What we don’t like — Mediocre battery life

The only photographic shortfall on this device is its zoom capabilities, for which the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra remains the industry leader. However, the one major downside to this device is its battery life.

For the most part, regular usage will see you through one day without needing a recharge, but some tasks will dramatically drain the cell; playing offline games saw us lose as much as 30% of the battery life, while in one instance of online gaming, an astonishing 45% was wiped off the battery.


The Google Pixel 6 Pro is a truly excellent smartphone that boasts a brilliant screen, a top-class camera, and luscious software. The only major disadvantage to this device is its battery, which can drain at an alarming rate if you’re gaming or recording video.

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