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Google planning early manufacturer access to Android: More Nexus phones?

 Google is said to be changing its policies and will release early versions of its Android OS to multiple handset manufacturers in order to create a more seamless experience of Android across multiple devices.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal it appears that Google would like to emulate Apple’s tight ecosystem and is finally see the benefits of sharing. With new devices coming to the playing field from Windows Phone, the timing couldn’t be better.

Google Android Logo

Google is also planning on selling its devices direct to the consumer in the US, Europe ad Asia via its website and through partner retailers – no better way to improve customer relations then to open up Google to the masses. It also gives more control of the devices to Google, for things like software updates and apps, instead of the network operators.

Following Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobile for US$12.5bn, a better relationship with handset manufacturers outside of Motorola may need a little TLC, but accord to the WSJ source: ‘Under its new model, Google could give Motorola early access to Android software without putting other partners at a disadvantage.’

Google is planning on working with five manufacturers for Google signature devices and is understood to be working with ASUS on its next Google-branded tablet. A selection of employees from each company can work at Google HQ to get early access to Android.

This news is certainly music to our ears as it means potentially more Google-branded devices and a smoother user experience across Android devices.


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