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Google’s new Android Experiments showcase creative developers

Android Experiments highlights developers who are masters of their craft, using creative code to build enthralling apps like artists putting paint to canvas.

Similarly to Racer and other Chrome Experiments that showcase the versatility of the company’s web browser, Android Experiments features 20 different apps from a variety of developers all utilising code to build experiences for the platform that stand out through their ingenuity and individuality.

Highlights include the Time Mesh watch face for Android Wear that warps and distorts based on the user’s movements, Space Sketchr designed specifically for Google’s Project Tango hardware that lets the user draw or sketch in 3D space and the IOIO Plotter, which uses an circuit board controlled by an Android device to write on a physical sheet of paper.

The whole point of Android Experiments is to show what’s possible with the Android platform as a means to inspire more people to design and develop experiences that change the way we interact with our devices and the world around us.

You can check out the first 20 experiments and download most of them to your Android device here.


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