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Google’s new website tells you ‘Which Phone’ you should buy’s new Which Phone tool will tell which Android handset is suitable for your lifestyle based on your preferences.

There are a lot of phones running Android out there today and a side effect of the success of Google’s mobile operating system is choice. Too much choice can sometimes make for a tough decision, especially when you’re picking your first smartphone or thinking of upgrading.

With little to no fanfare, Google has just added a new tool to called ‘Which Phone’ and as its name suggests it helps you decide from a shortlist of three Android-powered handsets, which one has the best fit for your lifestyle. Which Phone questions

To come up with that magic final three, the Which Phone tool asks you to choose the three most common things you do, or intend to do with your phone from a list of 12. Choices range from ‘taking photos’ to ‘expressing my style’ and in most cases it’ll ask you an additional question or two.

Once you’ve made your three top picks, those in the US will have the option to choose a carrier (helping to weed out any carrier exclusives you might not be able to get your hands on) and that’s it! If you’re not happy with the final three results you can tailor things from a list of drop down menus that take into account carrier, device size, price and how new they are. Which Phone results
The results we were given based on camera usage, web browsing and gaming.

In truth, by default the results more often than not dole out some configuration of the latest flagship phones, but pushing the drop down settings to home in something more specific might serve up less obvious results.’s ‘Which Phone’ tool is available to all and might be the answer you’re looking for. Let us know what devices you’re offered up.


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