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Holy Hand Grenades Batman, Worms arrives on Android phones

Worms, the infamous turn-based strategy game, has finally been brought to Android phones, courtesy of EA Mobile.

The game recreates the look and feel of the old games faithfully. All of the classic weapons (yes, including the Holy Hand Grenade) are present and correct, as is the squeaky high pitched dialogue.

There’s single player modes and challenges and an all-important multiplayer mode. You can play against computer controlled teams or against your friends in a hotseat/pass around style.

As with the originals, you can create your own teams of worms and name them after your favourite football team, movie stars or, as this writer did back in 1996, name them after the members of Queen.

Worms is available to download now from the Android Market for €2.59. The Market currently works this out at around £1.88.

Once you’ve bought the game, you’ll need to download an extra 20MB or so of game data, so you might want to be connected to Wi-Fi before doing this.

There’s no install to SD option just yet, so if you’re short on space you might want to delete some stuff first.


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