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How to avoid getting charged by Apple Music after the free trial ends

As of tomorrow those who’ve been with Apple Music since it launched will start getting charged to use the service. Here’s how to avoid parting with your cash.

When Tim Cook, Jimmy Iovine and friends pulled the wraps of Apple Music earlier this year, it was pretty exciting to learn that every newcomer was going to get the first three months of the full paid service absolutely free.

Unfortunately for those who’ve been using Apple’s music streaming goodness since the beginning, that honeymoon period is over starting tomorrow (September 30th) and unless you’ve already taken the steps we’re about to show you, you run the risk of getting charged for at least another month of Apple Music.

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How to avoid getting charged by Apple Music after the free trial

If you don’t want to get charged after your three free months of Apple Music are up, watch on.

Posted by on Wednesday, July 1, 2015


First pop open Apple Music on your device and head to your account page by tapping the silhouette icon in the top left corner of the screen.

On the next screen tap ‘View Apple ID’ and input your Apple ID password in the subsequent popup. You’ll then see a new account page, which features a section called ‘Subscriptions’ and a button underneath that says ‘Manage’.

Tapping ‘Manage’ will bring up your ‘Apple Music Membership’ screen, citing when your free trial ends and whether you’re currently subscribed to either of Apple’s payment plans once the trial is over. If you are, one of these options will be highlighted in blue and there will be a toggle switch underneath labelled ‘Automatic Renewal’ that will be switched on.

Toggling this off will bring up a confirmation box, select ‘Turn-off’ and then keep hitting ‘Done’ in the top right three times and that’s it. Once your trial expires you’ll be free of Apple’s subscription plan and free to choose whether you want to jump back on their wagon, or reacquaint yourself with a rival music streaming service like Spotify or Deezer.

If you have any problems with this process, just drop us a line down below in the comments.


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