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How to: Get Started with Blackberry.

Install Media Sync

It used to be that getting photos and video on and off your Blackberry was a complicated process. The arrival of the Media Sync software however has changed all that. Now simply connect your phone up and transfer music directly from iTunes playlists. The music player app included with Blackberry OS 6.0 handsets is pretty decent and the expandable micro SD memory means you can carry plenty of songs with you.

Download BBM

Most handsets come with BBM pre-installed. But if for some reason yours doesn’t download it. It is a speedy instant messenger client for communication between Blackberry phones.

Setup email.

One of the best reasons to own a Blackberry is the way in which it handles email. Simply enter your email address and password into the email setup option and you are away.

Get Facebook

Facebook doesn’t have to be a PC only thing. The Facebook app for Blackberry is extremely good and integrates well into the smartphone. Any posts on your wall or messages from friends are sent straight to the handsets notifications, without you having to open the app.

Watch a video

The YouTube app on Blackberry OS 6.0 is pretty darn good. Not quite the quality of that of Android or iPhone but it comes close. Streaming video on your phone is great but do remember it uses up plenty of your monthly data allowance.

Download a game

Blackberry’s continue to get more and more powerful. The latest handsets are capable of some more impressive gaming feats. Highlights include Assassins Creed II and Final Fantasy


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