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HP Pre 3 available for pre-order on German HP site

After cropping up yesterday with its own support page on Orange UK’s official website, the HP Pre 3 has reared its head once again above the parapet of mobile speculation, turning up this time on HP’s German website.

Pricing the Pre 3 at 349 Euros (about £307) for pre-order, the HP site estimates delivery time at somewhere between one and two weeks. It also reconfirms most of those specs we were hearing yesterday from Orange: 512MB of RAM, 8GB storage (not 16GB, as we had one heard) and a 5MP camera with LED flash.

However, Orange and HP Germany seem to disagree on the processor, with Orange claiming it’s a 1.2GHz dual-core chip, and HP saying it’s a 1.4GHz single-core. Unless HP’s releasing two separate Pre 3 models in the same market, someone’s getting their wires crossed somewhere.

Still no details on when we can expect to see the Pre 3 hit the high street in Blighty, although that one-to-two-weeks-time window fits nicely with previous rumours we’d heard that HP were shooting for a late summer release. In the meantime, our collective ear remains firmly pressed to the ground.

Link: HP Germany


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