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HP TouchPad gets massive price cut in the US: How about the UK?

Following the news that HP is officially terminating its mobile hardware offerings, including the HP TouchPad, and smartphones the Pre 3 and Veer, HP looks to be having a fire sale on its debut tablet offering.

In the US, HP slashed the price of the wannabe iPad rival over the weekend, down  to $99 and $149 for its 16GB and 32GB versions, respectively. This is a fraction of the original prices ($500 and $600) as HP makes an effort to recoup some money from the now officially dead hardware- barely out in the UK for a month.

And it seems to be working; big electronics stores like Best Buy and Radio Shack are apparently selling out of the cut-price tablets in record times.

Some comments on Twitter suggests some stores are selling hundreds of the webOS pads compared to handfuls in the months previous. Australia has also seen demand and interest soar for the TouchPad following the new pricing.

We’ve kept our eyes peeled for UK TouchPad sales; the cheapest tablet so far is on Amazon UK- where the price seems to be fluctuating at just above £300.

We’ll keep you updated with the prices if they drop more substantially. Under £100 for the HP TouchPad? We’d get four.

UPDATE: Prices get rumoured.


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