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HTC 10 Ice View Case Review

We review HTC’s official Ice View phone case for the HTC 10, a wrap-around cover that offers dependable protection while allowing you to view notifications and widgets and even use the camera. Here’s our full HTC 10 Ice View case review.

The official Ice View cover for HTC’s 2016 flagship phone, the HTC 10, is a wrap-around case with a screen cover for total protection. It’s a soft-touch flexible case that can soak up impact damage and protect against scratches and the rest, without adding too much extra bulk onto the phone.

The HTC Ice View case works like the iPad smart cover when the phone’s in use. Just snap the cover shut and the HTC 10 automatically hibernates, which is nice. However, the real selling point of the Ice View cover is that you can use the phone when the cover’s still shut. Just double-tap the cover’s surface and your HTC 10’s screen will wake, displaying a funky disco clock, today’s date, remaining battery and any waiting notifications.

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Gmail messages, Facebook Messenger alerts and everything else appear as icons beneath the clock and you can take a closer look by flicking these icons upwards. For instance, flick the calendar icon and you’ll see full details of your next event. Another flick down removes the notification from view. You can also flick your finger up the cover to make a quick call, with your most recently used contacts available to scroll through.

Finally, you can also use the HTC 10’s rear camera with the cover still in place; just swipe your finger twice down the Ice View’s surface and the camera app loads up, ready for action. However, the view is rather fuzzy, which makes this feature particularly difficult to use when you’re stood in bright sunlight. Forget taking selfies either, as the cover obscures the front-facing camera; you’ll have to open up to snap your gorgeous mug.

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Still, there’s a lot to like about HTC’s official Ice View case. If you need extra protection and fancy something quite stylish, the Ice View for HTC 10 is well worth considering. Check out our Ice View cover review in video form below, where you can see the HTC 10 Ice View case in action and check out the funky design and notification features.

Thanks to MobileFun for the HTC Ice View cover review sample. You can buy the HTC 10 Ice View case from MobileFun for £39.99


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