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HTC Desire 10 Pro in a nutshell: Specs, UK info and more

HTC is set to launch the Desire 10 Pro on September 20, a feature-packed ‘edgy’ phone with what we expect to be a reasonably affordable price. Here’s everything you need to know about the the HTC Desire 10 Pro, including specs, the best leaked features, and the rumoured UK price and launch date.

What is the HTC Desire 10 family, and what’s the difference between the Pro and Lifestyle models?

HTC’s last big mobile launch in 2016 was the HTC 10, a super-powered flagship phone boasting excellent battery life and a solid, dependable camera. That’s why we’re excited about the HTC Desire 10 Pro, the most powerful and premium of HTC’s upcoming Desire 10 handsets; the other being the HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle.

Rumours suggest that the HTC Desire 10 Pro and Desire 10 Lifestyle will both be mighty 5.5-inch mobiles. This means the HTC Desire 10 family will be like Motorola’s Moto G4 handsets, with a very similar design but differing specs.

Leaked photos show an attractive glossy design, in either black or white with a funky gold edging. Expect them to be a handful with a screen that big, of course.

What are the HTC Desire 10 Pro specs?

So far we only have rumoured specs for the HTC Desire Pro. These are:

Name HTC Desire 10 Pro
Screen size 5.5-inches
Screen resolution 1920×1080 Full HD
Fingerprint sensor? Yes
Processor TBC – Snapdragon 617?
Memory 3GB
Storage 32GB
MicroSD? Yes
Cameras 13MP + 5MP

What are the HTC Desire 10 Pro’s best features?

The HTC Desire 10 Pro won’t be as fully-featured and premium-specced as the HTC 10, as it’s going to be a cheaper phone. However, it should hopefully prove solid competition for the likes of the OnePlus 3, Honor 8 and other mid-range mobiles.

That 5.5-inch display should pack a Full HD resolution, for a start. That’s the exact same as the OnePlus 3, although we’re not sure if the Desire 10 Pro will also use an AMOLED panel for vibrant colour reproduction. It should certainly prove sharp enough for enjoying movies on the move however, while HTC’s patented BoomSound speakers will hopefully blast out some good-sounding audio when you leave your headphones at home.

A fingerprint sensor gives you fast and secure way to unlock to your desktops. Here’s hoping it’s as accurate and nippy as the HTC 10’s scanner.

Packed inside the Desire 10 Pro we’re expecting a reasonably powerful mid-range Snapdragon such as the Snapdragon 617. This should run Android Nougat smoothly and allow you to blast through the latest games on demand. Fingers crossed for all-day battery life, with some juice left for a second day too.

As for the cameras, we’re really hoping that HTC doesn’t drop a clanger. Previous Desire cameras have often proved less than stellar, but here’s hoping that HTC is back on its game after the solid HTC 10 snapper. If the Desire 10 Pro’s 13-megapixel rear snapper can produce detail-packed shots that look good even when lighting conditions aren’t perfect, we’ll be happy.

What is the HTC Desire 10 Pro’s UK price and release date?

The HTC Desire 10 Pro is set to launch on September 20 at 8am UK time. We’ll be covering the event live, so check back for more news and the full official specs as they’re announced.

As for a possible UK price and release date, we’re expecting the phone to be available either late September or early October 2016, with an asking price of around £250. Again, we’ll update when we have official confirmation from HTC.


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