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HTC Flyer touches down on Three’s site: £169 for £31 a month, 24 month contract

The HTC Flyer is here and we’re loving it. We’re in love with it’s beautiful 7-inch touchscreen, dual stereo speakers and the on-demand movies courtesy of HTC Watch.

Three has just announced that it’s now selling the 32GB edition of the Gingerbread-powered tablet on a 24 month contract.

This £30.99 a month deal gets you a sizeable 15GB worth of data for internet browsing, movie and Android app downloads. More importantly, the Three deal drives the £599.99 asking price of the Flyer down to a more affordable £169.

As well as coming with the HTC Watch on-demand service, the HTC Flyer also features a battery-powered stylus which you can use to write notes and scribble doodles using ‘digital e-ink’.

The HTC Flyer also allows you to take screenshots of your creations and whatever else is on the screen at any time – something which you can’t easily do on any other Android device.

Stay tuned for our HTC Flyer review, coming soon.


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