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HTC Flyer: UK will have free in-box stylus

As the HTC Flyer nears the shops (and our loving hands for review), the much-trumpeted stylus for the tablet has appeared in HTC’s own accessory store– priced at a jaw-dropping £47.99.

Cue several websites to proclaim that you’d be forced to pay this extra £50 to use those stylus features HTC hopes will draw you away from other tablet offerings- sounds like a baffling idea, so we decided to check.

We got in touch with HTC, whose spokesman told us that although the US will be different, in the UK, the HTC Flyer will ship with the stylus. The accessory site is showing a replacement stylus for anyone unfortunate enough to misplace their in-box stylus. It may give a whole new meaning to tethering with a tablet.

The HTC Flyer an interesting take on the tablet; check out our hands-on impressions here. It’s set to arrive with Google’s Android 2.3, with a promised upgrade in the future to the tablet-centric Android Honeycomb 3.0.

HTC’s cool Sense interface has also been upgraded to improve the tablet experience, and like the HTC’s forthcoming Sensation, it will have access to the HTC Watch media store, with plenty of video content to browse and buy.

Although phone networks may have got the release date a bit wrong- it’s not out today- we’re expecting to see the finished article in the next few weeks. An extra hint at the release date; the replacement stylus on HTC’s own site promises delivery from 1 June 2011.



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