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HTC Sensation arriving 19th of May exclusively on Vodafone, open for pre-order now

Vodafone has just announced that it’ll be selling the sensational HTC Sensation on the 19th of May. That’s really really soon, like Thursday after next soon.

The very slick-looking HTC Sensation is available for pre-order now on a range of contracts. You can snap up a free Sensation on a £35 a month 24 month deal, which’ll give you an exhaustive 900 minutes, unlimited texts and a sizable 750MB of data when bought online.

The HTC Sensation will be the first phone to come with HTC Watch, an on demand movies service from HTC – so you’ll want a price plan that gives you plenty of data to play with.

You can also sign up for a £55 24 month deal which gives you 1GB of data, along with 300 minutes and unlimited texts. For those who want a shorter commitment, you can pre-order the Sensation on 18 and 12 month plans as well.

The cheapest 18 month deal which sees you getting a free HTC Sensation costs £40 a month and gives you the same 900 mins, unlimited texts and 750MB of data as the £35 24 month plan.

Similarly, £45 a month on a 12 month contract gives you 900 minutes, unlimited texts but only 500MB of data – you’ll also have to pony up £99 for the phone as well. Not that we’d mind – it’s a seriously lovely piece of kit that we can’t wait to have a proper play around with.

So, will you be getting one?


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