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HTC Sense 3.5 update gets walkthrough on ’lady-centric’ HTC Bliss

The HTC Bliss has been getting a run-through from the guys at XDA, and appears to be packing a refreshed HTC Sense build.

We’re still fans of HTC’s Android ‘interpretation’ but have found the latest versions to weigh quite heavily upon the processors of its latest high-end phones. (We’re looking at you Sensation.)

What can we glean from the video? Well the main visual change is the disappearance of that space-hogging bar at the base, now replaced with two icons that match those screen lock circles found on the most recent Sense 3.0.

These transfer the user to the app and phone menus – and suspect they could be customisable, but we’ll have to check that ourselves. Other glossy features seem pretty similar to the Sense interface; the lock screen is in attendance, as is the new ability to delete whole homescreen ‘pages’ at your whim.

We’re interested in seeing whether this update will prove to be a little less intensive – we asked HTC whether recent Android phones would be likely to get to any sort of upgraded Sense-wise, and are waiting for a response. It was, however, a “no comment on rumour and speculation” with regard to the Bliss.

But you can wait a few days for some information, right? We’ll be at the HTC event later this week, and will have more details then.


Via: SlashGear

Source: XDA


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