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iKaraoke? Apple patents reveal possible all-singing future

Arguably the coolest tech company of the moment with arguably the most one of the most publicly embarassing hobby.. ever. Apple and Karaoke; discuss.

A recent patent application by Apple suggests a future iDevice would be able to sense and gauge the user’s dulcet tones against a pre-existing musical score.

The system could also change the output going to speakers or headphones, giving audio feedback through a positive “concert hall effect” or a more negative “fuzz”- making mistakes noticeable to even the tone-deaf.

Less impressive, perhaps is the ability to record performances and edit later, with a cool digital sound wave display showing how you fared on your interpretation of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep.

As the guys at Pocket-Lint point out, there’s already a karaoke section up in iTunes – the content’s already there.

Source: Patently Apple


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