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Instagram Android app receives slick new 5.1 update

Instagram fans rocking Android phones rejoice: the Instagram app has just been updated, so it’s faster, better-looking and takes up less phone storage.

The latest Instagram Android app update (5.1) isn’t just a few little tweaks that you’ll barely even notice. Expect a full-on evolution as the app shrinks in size and performs far more efficiently, especially on more basic handsets, thus bringing the Instagram experience to a whole new worldwide audience.

Instagram app update for Android

While the new design¬†will undoubtedly be appreciated by fans with nice, shiny, whizzy phones, the main purpose for the update is to broaden the range of Android smartphones and feature phones that can run Instagram. By simplifying visuals and ensuring they look good even on smaller, low-resolution screens, the app will hopefully get more love in developing markets, which could make for some truly incredible photos. Here’s hoping for less black and white shots of people’s dinners.

Instagram app update for Android

The new Instagram 5.1 Android app is available to download from Google Play right now, and it’s not the only photo app to receive an update. Photo collaboration app Dubble has also just been tweaked, so users can now like each other’s photos and leave comments. Check out version 1.2 now.


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