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iOS 8 Five Best Features

We’ve been playing with Apple’s iOS 8 beta for a couple of weeks now, and this is our review run-down of the five best features, including Health Kit and the¬†slick new camera UI.

Although Apple’s iOS 8 isn’t a massive visual overhaul like iOS 7 was, there are a fair few new features packed away, most of which are pretty damn cool. Here’s our review of our five favourite iOS 8 features.

The new Tips app is a good place to start for iPhone noobs, showing how to use the best iOS 8 features that you might not otherwise know exist. At the moment it’s a little limited, with just six tips in all, but we’re expecting this to rapidly expand before the official Apple iOS 8 roll-out.

Health Kit looks like a worthy exercise and fitness partner, pairing with compatible wearables like the Nike Fuel Band to provide precise feedback on your sweaty workout sessions (not to be confused with the Bondara SexFit).

And we’re already chuffed at the new iOS 8 camera, which boasts some quality tools like Time Lapse mode. Check out our full iOS 8 camera features review.

We’re also happy to see Apple update the iOS keyboard in version 8, with predictive text (hooray!) and third party keyboard support. And of course, the iPhone 6’s bigger screen should help make typing a lot less fiddly.

We’ll bring you our full iOS 8 review soon, and get ready for Apple’s big iPhone 6 launch on September 9th.

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