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iOS 8 problems emerge as users complain

Apple’s iOS 8 update has knackered a fair few iPhones and iPads since it rolled out last Wednesday, if Apple’s official forums are anything to go by.

Dozens of issues are being reported through Apple’s online forums as frustrated iPhone and iPad users update their devices to iOS 8, only to discover their expensive gadgets don’t work as well as they used to.

Apple iOS 8 users experience technical problems with the WiFi, Audio, performance and more

Sluggish performance was to be expected from the latest iOS update on older devices, but even iPhone 5s and iPad Air owners are complaining that their whizzy and relatively new gadgets are now running much slower. We’ve personally noticed that our iPad Air occasionally hangs and isn’t as nippy as before.

Meanwhile, iPhone 4s owners have noticed some serious choppiness that really impacts usability, with many taking to Twitter to voice their frustrations.

Battery life has also taken a hit, with one iPhone 5s user complaining that his mobile dies in just four hours now, and plenty of others reporting a shorter life span. Some even reported that their iPhones were overheating now. Even a Reset All Settings didn’t seem to help, but if this problem’s affecting you, you can see which specific apps are responsible in Settings > Usage > Battery Usage, the try removing them to sort the issue.

Other users have reported Wi-Fi problems, with their Apple devices refusing to connect or suffering a slower connection, as well as Bluetooth issues. There have also been reports of sound issues on some iPads after upgrading to iOS 8, with some apps refusing to play audio. In these cases, you could try resetting the iPad by going to Settings > General > Reset. This won’t wipe your data or apps, merely roll back your Wi-Fi and other stored settings, which will need to be entered again.



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