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iPad 2 camera app screenshots leaked

As if we needed further proof that the iPad 2 will come with a camera, here are some screenshots of the app in action. Apparently taken from the SDK of the iPad 2’s camera app, these shots clearly show the familiar shutter animation and a slider to switch between camera and camcorder modes.

These shots come courtesy of 9to5 Mac, who say that the shots are 1024 x 768 resolution – i.e. the same as the first iPad. This suggests that the iPad 2 might not have the eye-melting retina display power people were hoping for. Or, if these are pics from a development kit, they might simply be mock ups.

Pixel counts aside, there isn’t anything here that suggests that there’ll be a dual-camera set up on the iPad 2. But by the same token, nothing that suggests that there won’t be.

Still, it’s nice to have some pretty pictures to look at eh?


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