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iPad 2 European launch: Worries surface- then disappear. In short; no delay

A few days is a short amount of time in iPad 2 news.

Last weekend, the date on iPad 2 preorder page in the Czech Republic had been moved until 25 April – a month behind Apple’s launch date of 25 March. And earnest European Apple fans panicked.

Wait but a few days, and the date has changed again- this time, back to 25 March.

There have been concerns over the last few weeks that the huge demand for the second iPad in the US would affect the launch stock in the rest of the world- preorders there are now backed-up five weeks, and an incredible 300,000 were sold on launch day.

Techradar has reported that an Apple spokesperson confirmed the UK launch date this week.

So the conclusion is; the iPad 2 launch date still stands; Friday 25 March 2011, with additional murmurs of a 5pm start-time. Will you be queuing up that Thursday night? Or will you be trading in your original for the younger model? Let us know what your plan is. Do those near-distant Android tablets still appeal?

Via: App Advice


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