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iPhone 5 will be ‘radical departure’ from iPhone 4, insiders say September launch-date

The iPhone rumour mill has been sent spinning again, this time from two different sources, who collectively say that the latest phone from Apple will not be a rehashed iPhone 4, but an entriely new premise.

As we wave goodbye to the idea of an iPhone 4S, let’s say hello to the next big thing, which, according to BGR, whose reliable source has said that we can expect a radical new case design for the upcoming iPhone.

There’s no news just yet if that will involve a brushed steel finish more along the lines of an iPad, a return to the curves of the iPhone 3GS, or something even more exotic; perhaps a tear-drop profile?

Bloomburg also waded into those murky rumour waters, citing sources ‘familiar with the company’ and its iPhone 5 plans, that told them that the iPhone 5’s later-than-predicted launch was done to coincide with an up-and-running version of iOS 5.

Bloomberg added some dryer, perhaps more predictable details on Apple’s next big launch. The iPhone 5 is said to be arriving with  Apple’s new A5 processor, already used in the iPad 2 This will put it alongside dual-core Android handsets, like the Samsung Galaxy S2 and HTC Sensation. 

Expect the camera to get a megapixel bump-up, supposedly up to 8-megapixels, with rumours earlier this year suggesting that Sony is making the camera sensors for the new phone.

The iPhone 5 release date is what everyone wants to know, and most insiders are pointing to a September announcement, at Apple’s annual autumn event. Other excitable rumour-mutterings suggest that we could see the new phone some time in August.

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