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iPhone survives fall from a plane with barely any damage

This isn’t the first story we’ve had about miraculous phone recoveries, but it does have the best vertical distance.

Ron Walker, a US Air Force Combat Controller has talked to iLounge about how his iPhone 4 managed to survive a 1000 ft drop- from an airplane.

Whilst the plane was speeding along at around 150 mph, he was checking on parachute jumpers from the plane door, his pocket opened, and his iPhone made a bid for freedom.

Fearing the worse, but wanting to transfer data from his missing phone, Walker attempted to locate the phone with Apple’s Find my iPhone app, and was able to pinpoint its location¬† only two miles away.

With some help, Walker tracked down the phone itself, still in full working order, and with apparently barely any damage to the screen or body.

The ‘jump master’ (we don’t know either) says that his phone had only Griffin’s Motif case and a metal backing on it for protection, but told iLounge he thinks the tree cover helped to dissipate all that kinetic energy as it plummeted.

And there it is. The picture above is the phone, looking surprisingly healthy for a 1000 ft plummet. But a paper plane and a brick wall, well that’s a different story.


Source: iLounge


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