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iRoom iDock and iDock Touchcode: Wall cavity mount for your iPad

iRoom in an Austrian company based in Salzburg that’s come up with a the iDock range; a series of slick-looking wall mounts for the iPad. 

While we’ve seen iPads being mounted to walls before, iRoom’s iDocks add a touch of class and style. You see, the iDock sits in the wall instead of being stuck on it. When you’ve got an iDock installed on your wall it’s actually an iPad-shaped recess that you can drop your Apple tab into.

Using a motorised release mechanism, your iPad is held securely into the iDock when its shut. Described by iRoom CEO and founder Marc Hofec, the iDock is like a motorised garage door for your iPad. Tapping the proximity sensor see the iDock leaning forwards gracefully, allowing you to safely remove your iPad.

And that’s all editions of iPads, from the original, to the iPad 2 to the new iPad. 

The basic landscape model we saw has a simple control that you tap to open. There’s also a more advanced iDock Touchcode which has a PIN code locker which will only relinquish your iPad if the correct code is entered.

As well as acting as a wall mount so you can use your iPad as a digital picture frame, TV, or house security monitor – iRoom had the Control 4 iPad app installed on one of their iPads – the iDocks are wired in to the mains and have a charging port built in. There’s a 30-pin connection which mechanically retracts when the iDock is open and neatly clips into place when its shut.

Priced in the region of £700, the iDock’s don’t come cheap. But as the presence of the Control 4 security app suggests, iRoom’s iDocks are perhaps the iPad accessories for those who have everything. Or at least a house full of expensive stuff to monitor and control from your iPad.



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