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Kineto’s Smart Wi-Fi app coming to Samsung Galaxy S2’s, HTC Wildfire S’s and other Android phones on Orange

Chances are you’ve got the internet at home and chances are, your devices are connected to it via a wireless router beaming interwebs all about the place.

Orange smartphone customers will be able to take advantage of Kineto Wireless’ Smart Wi-Fi app, an app which basically uses Wi-Fi connections as extensions of the mobile network. So when you get home, or get into the office and your phone connects to your BT Home Hub or Netgear router, calls, texts and data are handled over the wireless connection.

This has the added advantage of being more battery efficient as well as providing a solution for those who have patchy phone reception at home or in the office.

Phones on Orange that come with Smart Wi-Fi pre-installed include the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy Ace, HTC’s Wildfire S, Desire S and ChaCha. LG’s Optimus Me also gets the Smart Wi-Fi treatment, as does the Orange Barcelona, Monte Carlo and Stockholm.

Going forwards, ZTE’s Skate (the unbranded version of the Orange Monte Carlo) will also come with Smart Wi-Fi installed, as will selected phones from Huawei’s line up.

Source: Kineto


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