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Leaked pics of a Nokia-branded MeeGo device surface: Is it a phone or is it a tablet?

Rumours, rumours and damned rumours. Leaked pics of a mystery Nokia-branded device have surfaced over on the mobile-review forums. The device appears to be running on a version of MeeGo too, suggesting that it’s part of Nokia’s high-end range of products for 2011, or a test device for MeeGo developers.

All of the pics of this mystery device are shot entirely in landscape, which has led to some speculation that it might be a tablet. It’s equally possible that it’s a phone instead, but there’s no real way to tell at the moment.

People are pointing to the size and positioning of the Nokia brand, which is usually off-centre on phones like the N97 – that it’s placed smack bang in the centre has lent more fire to the tablet theory, for now at least.

Whatever it is and whatever it’s running on, we hope Nokia has sorted out a portrait Qwerty with MeeGo – having to stick to landscape mode just to use Swype on the Nokia N8 was really not fun or clever.

Source: mobile-review via MyNokiaBlog


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