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Oh my God, Legally Blonde hits BBM

Good news everyone! You can now, like, totally buy a Legally Blonde sticker pack for your BlackBerry!

That’s right folks, if you’re an aficionado of jazzing up your BBM messages, and also a fan of inexplicably popular films from the early 2000s featuring air-head idiots, you’ll be pleased to hear that the inimitable Elle Wood from Legally Blonde has been added to the list of available sticker packs for your BlackBerry.

Legally Blonde sees Reese Witherspoon take on the role of the aforementioned Woods, a sorority queen who decides to enrol at Harvard as a means to get her boyfriend back. Scarily it’s now almost 14 years old, but it was popular enough to breed spin-off movies as well as a theatre production. Clearly the good folks at BlackBerry are fans and decided that it was high time that this eminently quotable movie was added to the ranks of available dressing for BBM.

Alas, the new sticker pack bears little resemblance to Ms. Witherspoon, the actress who made the character famous; instead they’re more like the illustrations done for the novel (yes, that’s right, there’s a novel too). That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though. The stickers are bold and fairly descriptive, and ideal for the discerning woman (or man) to add a layer of emotion to their outgoing communications.

So if you’re that way inclined, you can head over and purchase the Legally Blonde sticker pack right now, for the reasonable price of just £1.99. Seriously not heinous.


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