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LG reminds us they were making smart watches four years ago

After the Google Nexus 4 and LG G2 showed us just how seriously LG is taking their latest high-end smartphones, they’ve shared an infographic that reminds us just how far ahead of the curve they were four years ago.

This ‘Smartphone Evolution’ chart traces mobile landmarks from 1985 right through to the present day, with LG’s contribution including the first colour screen on a mobile in 2001. While the next claim of creating the first touch screen phone in 2007 should read ‘capacitive touch screen phone’, in reference to their Prada KE850, one claim we won’t contest is that they were doing smart watches four years ago.

The above is the LG GD910. It was a watch, it was a phone, it had a 1.43-inch screen sporting 128 x 160 pixels – and it was badass. Sure, it wasn’t perfect, but having spent the past few weeks sporting the Sony Smartwatch 2 and Samsung Galaxy Gear, neither are smartwatches today, with our favourite being the seemingly primitive Pebble.

The rest of the infographic goes on to illustrate how the GD910 was born of the same innovative thinking that led LG to throw all the buttons on the fantastic G2 onto the phone’s backside, thus creating tiny bezels and an eye-popping screen.

So there you have it, a bite out of history – once more proving the point that plain bonkers and ahead of the curve are two turns of phrase that can mean much the same thing.


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