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Could LG’s new premium flagship be the first fully bendable phone?

LG will surpass its own G-series smartphones with a new line of devices, said to be a cut above the already-brilliant flagship range, according to company President Mr Juno Cho. Could these be the promised proper bendy phones?

Speaking to Korea Times, LG’s co-Chief Executive Officer stated: “We are planning to release a product that stands above the G series.” He went on to state that the mystery new uber-premium device would be released in the second half of the year.

We’re hoping LG doesn’t take the logical route and name its newest high-level devices the H-Series. But whatever the new line is called, we’re already massively intrigued. After all, the LG G3 was our favourite phone of 2014, packing an insanely beautiful screen, one of the best phone cameras around and a great design. Another step above that suggests some serious innovation.

LG is reportedly working on proper flexible screen tech, which could well be the focus of the new uber-premium range. We’re not talking a wee bit of bend like the LG G Flex 2 here – more a phone that can be properly folded, giving you a device that can operate as a blower or a tablet.

LG currently has plenty of irons in the fire and the Korean company seemingly isn’t planning on letting up. Within the next month or two we should see the official launch of the LG G4, a device which will be “radically different” according to Mr Cho.

The G4 will apparently sport the newest iteration of LG’s custom UI, LG UX 4.0, as well as a full metal chassis and one of LG’s own octa-core Odin chips under the bonnet, in place of a Qualcomm-made processor.

LG is reportedly looking to distance itself from reliance on Qualcomm’s chips, after the recent alleged overheating issues which caused no end of problems for OEMs who were planning to deploy the SoC in their upcoming hardware.


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