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Finally, your phone can help you find jeans that fit

LikeAGlove smart leggings can measure your shape in seconds and help you to find a pair of jeans that fits comfortably and looks great.

Slip on the LikeAGlove smart leggings and press a button on the free-to-download app and your exact measurements, including hips, thigh and inseam size, are transmitted via Bluetooth to your phone or tablet. The LikeAGlove app will then cross-reference your personal stats with the most popular online brands and recommend jeans that will fit you comfortably while also flattering your figure.

LikeAGlove Smart Leggings App

Simon Cooper, CEO of LikeAGlove, highlighted the main problem with shopping for jeans online, namely the inconsistent sizing between separate brands that means shoppers often end up returning their purchases.

“[It’s] an overall frustrating experience when trying to decide which pair of jeans will not only fit but also flatter their figure,” Cooper said. “LikeAGlove solves that problem, in just seconds. With the help of LikeAGlove, everyone now has access to a personal tailor – our Smart Leggings, paired with our app, match a user’s shape to an extensive catalogue of popular jeans brands, making shopping for that perfect fitting pair of jeans so easy.”

LikeAGlove is based in Israel with headquarters also located in London, New York and San Francisco.

You can grab the LikeAGlove smart leggings from the LikeAGlove website, where they’re currently on sale for just £25. The regular retail price is £65 and shipping begins early 2016. The LikeAGlove app is available for both iOS and Android devices and LikeAGlove will support over 20 brands from launch including Forever 21, Levis, Lee and Banana Republic, with further brands added according to customer feedback.


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