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Magic: the Gathering hits iOS, geeks rejoice

Not to be outdone by other card-based mobile games like Hearthstone, granddaddy Magic: The Gathering has now landed on Apple’s App Store as ‘Magic Duels: Origins’, so you can get your geek on with your iPhone or iPad.

Magic Duels: Origins is a free-to-play mobile game, just like Hearthstone, which includes hundreds of unlockable cards, plus regular free updates with the latest decks. Experiences players can build a winning hand from scratch, while noobs are taken by the hand and introduced to the game by the Skill Quest tutorial system.

Magic Duels: Origins on iOS comes with three game modes. If your friends are all too poor to afford Apple devices, fret not as the solo mode gives you thousands of AI decks to play against – and you can play offline too. Versus Battle mode lets you compete against a mate or random stranger, while Two Headed Giant mode lets you team up with a friend, stranger or AI partner in a two vs two competition.

You can grab Magic right now from the App Store.


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