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Marvin’s iMagic review

Marvin’s iMagic review: This interactive magic set will delight the sprogs in your life, with a wide variety of tricks and some clever smartphone integration to bring old classics to life.

Magic tricks used to be all the rage back in the ’90s thanks to the likes of Paul Daniels, and every other kid I knew wanted to be a magician when they grew up, most likely because they wanted to marry Debbie McGee and then do nasty things to her that they didn’t really understand at the time. But these days, with the exception of random flash-in-the-pan stars like Dynamo, magic has sadly been relegated to the confines of slightly-less-seedy Vegas halls.

Marvin’s iMagic box set aims to rectify that by bringing magic tricks bang up to date, with the use of Android and Apple smartphones. By adding AR trickery to a number of classic tricks, and using a smartphone’s smarts to fool onlookers, Marvin’s iMagic is a welcome shot in the arm for the trade and simple enough for anyone to learn.

With a few exceptions (such as a card-disappearing box), pretty much all of the tricks included in the pack use your phone in some way. For instance, there’s a cool AR trick where a chosen card suddenly leaps to life, and another where you predict a dice roll by spinning a virtual wheel.

And while adult onlookers might not be fooled by many of the tricks on offer, younger magic fans will love learning each one and then revel in showing off to their mates.

Every trick is explained in the free-to-download app (available on iPhone and Android via the App Store and Google Play), via a number of speech-free videos. And with roughly two dozen tricks in all to learn, there’s enough here to keep you busy for a while.

You can buy Marvin’s iMagic online right now for £25.


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