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Microsoft boss admits Windows Phone 7 ‘still very small’

Microsoft has admitted to an audience of partner companies that Windows Phone 7 is still a minor player in the world of mobile. Boss Steve Ballmer said that, compared to rivals including Apple and Google’s Android, “In a year, we’ve gone from very small to… very small.”

Since it’s launch in October 2010, Windows Phone 7 has managed to grab one per cent of the US handset market. Ballmer remain cheerily optimistic about the future of the new smartphone system.

“It’s been a heck of year and you are going to see lots of programs in that market as we move forward. Nokia and people in the phone business believe in us.”

There’s plenty of reasons why Microsoft haven’t exactly set the mobile world alight just yet- including the lack of a high-end flagship smartphone- something Nokia could well provide for them in the near-future.

There’s plenty of change coming to Windows Phone 7, even if we ignore their forthcoming Mango update across all devices. These include the aforementioned Nokia-built Windows Phone 7 devices, and three new manufacturers, Acer, Fujitsu and ZTE, all of which have pledged to make phones for Microsoft’s software.

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