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Microsoft is launching its first non-Nokia Lumia tomorrow

A teaser posted online by Microsoft reveals that a new Lumia phone will launch on November 11th.

Since Microsoft acquired Nokia back in April, it’s already owned up to dropping the Nokia branding on future Lumia devices. Now, according to a not-so-subtle hint dropped by Microsoft on its Facebook page, it seems we don’t have long to wait for the first non-Nokia Lumia phone to launch. Roughly 24 hours, in fact.

The Lumia teaser is as simple as it comes: a shot of one corner of a new smartphone, along with tomorrow’s date and the caption, “Big on experiences #MoreLumia”. It’s pretty cryptic to say the least, and doesn’t give much away – other than that the new non-Lumia device will have a front-facing camera (not exactly a shocker) and that it’ll come in orange (again, no shock at all – and we’re willing to bet a green model will also emerge).

Further investigation reveals a quote on the Microsoft website, which hints that the newest Lumia could be a more affordable handset, pitched at the mid-range market. The quote reads, “Microsoft is delivering the power of everyday mobile technology to everyone”.

The teaser photo backs up this theory, showing a colourful handset that reminds us of the Lumia 630 and Lumia 635. Those handsets retailed for around the £100 mark, offering strong value for money, and we’d expect this new phone to follow suit. Expect an affordable 4G handset with awesome optics.

In the past, Nokia has offered a range of Lumia devices with different price-points for different budgets. The former flagship device, the Nokia Lumia 1020 was initially offered at just below £600 upon release, so it’ll be interesting to see if Microsoft manages to maintain Nokia’s legendary quality whilst significantly reducing the SIM-free price of its handsets.


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