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Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint hit Android phones, with strict requirements

Providing your Android phone isn’t too old or clunky, and has a fair whack of storage space free, you can now use Microsoft’s Office apps for free.

Microsoft’s Office apps have already been available for Android tablets for a little while but now they’re also compatible with Android smartphones, to keep you super-productive on the move. Word, Excel and Powerpoint can all be snagged from Google Play for your handset right now, and they won’t cost you a penny – but the system requirements are quite high.

Microsoft’s productivity suite was launched for Android tablets back in January and after a few months’ worth of ironing out kinks and tweaking for smaller screens, the Office apps are finally ready.

Microsoft has stated that, while free to download, users will need an Office subscription to gain access to all of the features on offer. Premium features include the ability to track and review changes to documents, insert page and line breaks and change the orientation of documents. Unlocking the premium version will cost you a few pounds, but personally we’ve got by fine with just the free version.

Another caveat is that your device will need to be relatively new and up-to-date to make use of the Word, Excel and Powerpoint apps. Any phone with Android 4.4 (KitKat) onward should be fine, as long as it has at least 1GB RAM – so if your handset is getting a bit long in the tooth, you could be out of luck.

You’ll also need a decent chunk of storage space free, as each of the apps is around the 100MB mark. Time to delete some of those hilarious cat videos you downloaded.

If you want to download Microsoft’s apps, you can head over to the Google Play Store right now and get downloading. You can find Word here, Powerpoint here and Excel right here.


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