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Minecraft to arrive on Android phones: Xperia Play gets exclusive early launch

Yes, the cult mining hit is edging towards Android market, with the first picture posted of Minecraft, running on the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play.

Not only does this mean you’ll be able to use the Xperia Play’s physical controls to navigate the world of Minecraft, but also that it can’t be far off launch.

Minecraft maps can already be imported into Minebuilder; an (unofficial) mining game already available on Android Market for 86p. It’s a bit limited, but it’s the closest you’ll get at the moment.

The sneak picture was posted by developer Notch on Twitter earlier today, while yesterday Minecraft developer Mojang also confirmed to gaming site Gamasutra that the Android version would arrive soon.

“When playing on smartphones you will have a different screen size compared to PC, different hardware, different attention spans and thus the game needs to be customized to fit the mobile specifications,” said Mojang.

In celebration of the incoming Minecraft goodness, here’s a Minecraft cover, of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way. Put your paws up.

Source: Gamasutra


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