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Mobile data roaming capped at £45 from March

Every year we hear how rates for texting and calling from abroad are falling. While this is undoubtedly a good thing, some of you might have noticed mobile phones can do a few other things besides call and text these days.

From the 1st of March onwards all mobile and mobile broadband customers will see their usage capped at the equivalent of £45 (€50 as part of the EU directive) when roaming in EU countries.

Customers will be notified by a message on their mobile broadband connection manager’s dashboard or via text message when they’re approaching the £45 tide mark.

Once reached, the service will be restricted until you contact your mobile broadband provider and explicitly ask for more usage.

Yesterday 3 issued the following statement, saying that its customers “will receive a text message, either to their phone or their Mobile Broadband dashboard, when they reach 80% of their limit and again at 100%. Again, when they have reached 100% of their limit their usage will be restricted until they contact us.”

This is being introduced to help put an end to the ‘bill shock’ experienced by customers when they get back home to find themselves lumbered with a huge bill.


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