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More Ice Cream Sandwich leaks: Music and Google+

There have been leaks abound of Ice Cream Sandwich as of late, and even the Nexus Prime has been seen in action recently. If that simply isn’t enough for you, then you’ll be delighted at the recent smattering of screenshots.

First off there’s the newly designed Google Music app, sporting a refined and more polished UI over it’s predecessor, and not too far off what we’ve seen from Honeycomb. The biggest change though is to the player controls, offering you more options and more information about the current track and artist playing. In the above and below pictures, the current Music app is found on the left while the new version is shown on the right.

Best of all if you’re feeling adventurous, the APK is available to download right now and has been confirmed to work on Gingerbread handsets without any issues. Just hit up the source link below for the full details.


Music isn’t the only application getting a makeover though: Google+ will receive a version bump to 2.0, bringing with it some graphical refinements. Most notable though is the merging of Messenger and Conversations into Chords. An odd naming choice perhaps, but we’ll probably be hearing the reasoning behind it soon enough.

Source: Android Police (Music, Google+)


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