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Motorola Defy Android Froyo update arrives on Vodafone

In an announcement made via the Motorola Europe Facebook page. Motorola has revealed that Vodafone users in the UK will now be able to update their handset from Android Eclair to Froyo (Android 2.2).

Froyo brings a serious of significant changes, including an overall performance improvement affecting the user interface, app operation and web browser.  Users will be able to save apps to the MicroSD card, and apps will be updated automatically. One feature that will make many Defy users cheer, is the additon of Flash video support.


The Froyo upgrade also brings some other welcome features. A new Profiles feature enables users to customise three sets of homescreen; there’s a Task manager application and users can quickly search for numbers and contacts by entering the first few letters or numbers.

Elsewhere, LinkedIn account details including contacts can be synched; the gallery has been redesigned and there are new security features, including Exchange-based encryption. This release also states it will ‘remove Vodafone’s “Powered by 360” backup and sync service.’

Tougher than your average handset, the dustproof, scratch and water resistant Motorola Defy was introduced at the end of last year. Running Motorola’s MOTOBLUR skin, it includes a 3.7-inch Gorilla Glass screen, 5-megapixel camera and HDMI. Read our Motorola Defy review here.

Vodafone users should receive an update message, if not the update can be accessed the the Settings menu or the Motorola Software Update, which is PC only.

The update follows the original Android 2.2 update rolled out January, but T-Mobile users are still without an update. Download the update from Motorola.


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