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Motorola Moto G2 packs even more impressive features

Motorola’s Moto G2 has leaked online, showing a similar design but even better specs and features, including a camera upgrade…

The Moto G 4G is already awesome enough to take on serious smartphone heavyweights, despite its incredible price, so word that the Moto G2 has leaked online gave us serious geek chills. The specs are even more impressive, with some upgraded features, although the design hasn’t been tweaked too much.

Motorola’s leak woes started on Mallandono Android, which stated the Moto G2 will feature the same 1280 x 720-pixel, 4.5-inch screen as the Moto G and the casing will be almost identical too, bar front-mounted stereo speaker strips that were absent from the original phone. Could those speakers be good enough to take on the BoomSound efforts on the HTC One M8?

Motorola Moto G2, the follow-up to the excellent value and feature-packed Moto G and Moto G 4G phones, has leaked online

Open the Moto G2 up and you’ll apparently find a quad-core ARM V7 processor and an Adreno 305 GPU. It’s obviously likely that we’ll see an upgrade on the Snapdragon 400 processor seen in the Moto G, but that’s natural progression rather than anything revolutionary.

Thankfully the rear camera will also be upgraded, from the Moto G’s rather sub-standard meh-inspiring 5-megapixel camera, to a brand new 8-megpiaxel snapper. However, it’s not all about numbers and the proof will be in the pudding when it comes to actually taking photos on the Moto G2. Here’s hoping the Moto G2 takes cleaner, sharper shots with more visible detai.

Presumably for international markets, the Moto G2 will also feature a dual SIM variant, but we don’t expect that to be available here in the UK.

Although the Moto G was available in both 8GB and 16GB versions, the higher capacity was almost impossible to come by – mostly because it was one of the cheapest devices with a 16GB internal memory around. These two versions will most likely remain with Moto’s next budget device iteration, but let’s hope Moto boosts the production of the latter capacity so we can actually buy it from somewhere.

Although the Moto G has its quirks, it’s still one of the cheapest, best-performing budget devices around. We’re hopeful the Moto G2 will follow the same premise and Moto won’t boost the price above £130 when it upgrades the device’s features.


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