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MWC 2015 Preview: The biggest mobile launches in a nutshell

This year’s MWC expo kicks off on March 1st with huge mobile launches from Sony, HTC, Samsung and more, and we’ll be reporting live from Barcelona. Here’s our in-a-nutshell round-up of all of the sexy gadgets expected to launch.


After revealing its gorgeous, feature-packed Xperia Z3 smartphone back in September 2014, Sony announced that it was going to cut down on the number of flagship phones it launched each year. After all, the Z3 came just six months after the Xperia Z2, which in turn was just six months after the Xperia Z1.

With that in mind, will we see the Xperia Z4 at MWC, given it’s been just six months again? Or will we see something completely different like the latest Ultra phablet instead, packing a supremely sharp 6-inch-plus screen?

Check out our big Sony MWC 2015 preview.


Rumours are strong that HTC is launching more than one exciting piece of tech at this year’s MWC, and we’re already slightly moist at the prospect.

For a start, we’ll be disappointed not to see the undoubtedly gorgeous One M9, hopefully another all-metal slab of beauty packing some irresistible features including a fresh new camera to silence the Ultrapixel haters.

And we’re also hoping to finally ogle HTC’s first wearable or wearables. There’s rumours that HTC will launch a smartwatch with a flexible screen that’s both Android and iOS compliant. By supporting both platforms and hopefully packing a slender, pliable frame, as well as rather decent battery life, this could be the first device that sways the smartwatch sceptics.

HTC’s MWC launch takes place at 3pm UK time on Sunday March 1st.


After bagging the Best Phone of 2014 trophy for the LG G3, we’re expecting the Korean heavyweight to come out swinging at MWC 2015, with some seriously sexy kit to take on Samsung.

What we really want is the LG G4, of course, which is rumoured to boast an even more incredible screen than its predecessor as well as a stylus for creative input. Check out our full LG G4 preview.

However, will the company hold back its next flagship for an exclusive LG event? We reckon it’s likely, with LG using MWC to launch some alternative products instead. Stuff like the gorgeous LG G Watch Urbane, which could well be the first essential Android Wear smartwatch thanks to its gorgeous design.

And we’d be surprised not to see a new phone or tablet too, but we’re expecting devices that are more affordable or perhaps variants on existing phones.


Samsung will use MWC 2015 to launch its biggest product of the year, the Galaxy S6, which we’re expecting (with all extremities crossed tight) to be the best flagship phone in Samsung’s history.

We’ve already laid down how the Galaxy S6 could be the best phone ever, and early indications are that Samsung has finally ditched its ‘let’s cram in as many pointless features as possible’ tactic to concentrate on the basics. That means sexy design and an awesome camera – two things we loved about the Galaxy Note 4 – as well as a genuinely slick and helpful UI. Check out our full Galaxy S6 preview.

Samsung’s MWC launch takes place at 5.30pm UK time on Sunday March 1st.


Windows 10 has only just hit preview stage, but rumours are we’ll already be seeing a couple of Windows 10 Lumia handsets announced at MWC 2015, most likely for release later in the year. Rumours are that at least two new phones will be launched by Microsoft, but no new flagships just yet – expect a sexy premium phone to emerge when Windows 10 has been properly baked, later in the year.

Microsoft’s MWC 2015 launch kicks off nice and early at 7.30am UK time, on Monday March 2nd.


Speaking of Windows, Acer has revealed that it’ll be launching some Windows handsets of its own at MWC 2015. The new device or devices will be aimed at the cheaper end of the market, hopefully providing strong value for money and serious competition for the lower-end Lumias, such as the Lumia 530 and Lumia 535.

We’ll be covering MWC 2015 live, so check back from Sunday March 1st for news from the biggest mobile launches, plus hands-on previews, videos and more.


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