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New HTC One ad with Gary Oldman goes minimalist

In a novel approach to spreading the new One (M8) word, HTC has commissioned Batman’s Gordon, Gary Oldman, to say nothing at all…

Gary Oldman opines

Let’s face it, unless you’re living the life of a recluse, cut off from the internet and the world in general, secreted away in a cave somewhere, say, in deepest, darkest Tora Bora or, worse still, a mobile dead spot, there’s a more than excellent chance you’ll know that HTC has now launched its stunning new One (M8) smartphone.

Pretty much dominating social media feeds yesterday afternoon, the official unveiling of the slick and sexy metal-bodied One (M8) took over Twitter as the long awaited details were finally revealed and, as though somehow anticipating the interest, HTC’s State-side advert for the new smartphone starring Gary Oldman suggests little is left to say.

A mere 60 seconds long, the ad sees Oldman alone in an moody, atmospherically lit apartment that’s given more than an element of Gotham gloom as rain batters outside against the windows. “I could tell you how amazing the new HTC One is,” he starts. “But I won’t.” Which you might think is not getting the best out of your star, but then comes the pay-off: “Well let’s face it, you either already know or you want to see what others have to say about it.” At which point the BAFTA award-winning actor invites you to “ask the internet” and offers to wait while you do so, before slipping into silence and doing just that.

And that’s your lot. Apart from a couple of fleeting glances of the phone itself, there’s no spec, no demonstration of what it can do, no overblown ad-man-led empowering aspirational lifestyle imagery, just Gazza in his aphotic apartment, wishing he had money for the leccy meter.

But the point is more than made – what can an advert tell you about the new HTC One (M8) that can’t be bettered right here?

HTC One (M8)


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