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New iPhone to include LTE, new Micro Dock Connector and 3.5-inch display?

We heard a rumour earlier this week about Apple taking a leaf out of Samsung’s book and enlarging the iPhone screen to 4.6-inches. This we feel is pretty unlikely when you think about the incremental changes Apple has made in the past and rarely something as drastic as this.

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The latest news comes from iMore‘s Rene Richie. Rene’s sources have indicated that the new iPhone, or iPhone 5.1 as they call it, will include 4G LTE, a 3.5-inch display and most interestingly, a new “micro dock” connector. He has also been informed that the date for release will mirror that of the iPhone 4S and come to our shores October time, not at the previous WWDC event slot.

Given that the new iPad is sporting 4G LTE connectivity, we would say that this is almost certain to grace the new iPhone too. The new “micro dock” would be a more substantial change in terms of form factor, iMore predicts that the new dock will be slimmer. This would certainly make sense in terms of freeing up valuable space on the device.

A move to a, for example, standard micro USB dock would be a plausible move, but also one that may annoy the followers used to the current 30-pin dock and have invested in charging accessories.

What do you think about the latest rumours on the iPhone and what do you think will be included in the next edition of the device? Let us know in the comments and we will of course keep you updated on all the rumours we come across.


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