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New leaked massive LG phone gets obvious name

The leaked photo you see here is apparently an as-yet unannounced LG phone known as the Optimus Big.

Nice, although it’s sadly just the working title. We’re begging that LG stick with it.

With a 4.3-inch screen, a 1GHz processor, and LG’s home-made NOVA display. There’s apparently also a TV tuner inside there. Well, there should be space.

Accoding to the Korean source, it looks like it’ll arrive in Korea next month.

Looking at the comparison with the iPhone, it looks big enough to make the HTC Desire HD blush.

The Optimus Big would join the Optimus Black, 2X and 3D, forming a high-powered Optimus family, not forgetting the 3D-recording Optimus Pad.


Via: PhoneArena


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