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New Sony S1 and S2 Android tablet teaser video released

Sony has released the third teaser video for it’s forthcoming Android tablets, revealing a little bit more information about the pair’s features.

Codenamed the S1 and S2, both are Android tablets with dual-core processors, the S1 has a 9.4-inch screen and the S2 dual 5.5-inch screens.

The video is the third in the series Two will and follows the same artistic style of the first two, where products – such as coloured dominoes, a ball and a car – move in sequence triggering each other and moving around the tablets. This his time the focus is clearly on the tablet’s gaming and entertainment capability.


Playing on the S1 is a clip from The Green Hornet, while the smaller clamshell style S2 tablet is shown being used as an ebook reader, where – surprisingly given the shape – you hold it like a proper book and read from left to right. Also being demonstrated is the S2’s gaming ability with Crash Bandicoot playing in the top screen, with gaming controls at the bottom.

Last week Recombu took a sneak peak at the tablets at Sony’s Christmas product showcase, check out S1 and S2 in the wild pictures here. Unfortunately the products were behind a sheet of glass, so we weren’t able to try them out, but we’re still impressed by the unique design features and we want to see what Sony does with the Android interface.

Sony has announced it will be releasing five videos in total, the last was in mid June so hopefully by mid-September we should be close to seeing the tablet.

Via: TechRadar


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