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New Three contract abolishes extra data charges

Three is streamlining it’s mobile phone price plans with the introduction of two new contracts; one removing out-of-bundle data charges, so you won’t get a nasty surprise at bill time and the other offering all-you-can eat data from £18 a month.

Any new customer joining Three will now be able to choose from three plans, each offering a different minute and data allocation:

Essential with 250MB of data and either 100, 300, 500 minutes

Ultimate with all-you-can-eat data and either 100,300,500 and 1000 minutes.

The One Plan all-you-can-eat data offering and either 2000 and 5000 minutes


Typically if you go over your existing data allowance you’ll be charged MB for data, which can mean a bigger bill than normal at the end of the month. The new Essential plan comes with the guarantee of no out of bundle charges. Go over your data allowance and you’ll receiver a notification by text offering the choice of an add on of either £2 for a 250MB, or £5 for unlimited data which lasts 30 days. It’s not possible to go over your data allowance, so if you don’t select either option, you won’t be able to use data.

The Ultimate plan brings all-you-can-eat data to lower price points, including Samsung Galaxy Ace free for £18 a month or the Samsung Galaxy S2 for £30 a month.


Thomas Malleschitz from Three says: ‘These new plans see the end of out-of-bundle data charges. Three is built for the mobile internet, it’s at the heart of everything we do and that’s reflected in these new plans. Mobile internet usage is continuing to increase at lightning speed, customers are beginning to prioritise data and they rightfully expect their network to allow them to do so without hitting them with extra charges.”

Here’s a selection of handsets available on the new plans, but Three has confirmed the plans will be available across all handsets.

Existing customers will have to wait until upgrade time before upgrading to the new plans. If they don’t  already have all-you-can-eat data, an add on is availalable which costs £3 per month from My Three.

We’re impressed with Three’s new plans. It’s great to see all-you-eat data being offered for a cheaper monthly cost and it’s great news for the user that they won’t face nasty surprises at bill time if they exceed their data limit.

Three’s new plans will be available from tomorrow, find out more from Three.


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