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New TweetDeck app arrives on the iPhone

Arguably the most popular Twitter app on the iPhone, available across iOS, Android and PC, TweetDeck for the iPhone has been scrubbed up, welcome to TweetDeck 2.0.

Some great new features include displaying full Twitter conversations by default, and a lot more gesture features, you can now easily change between different feed columns and accounts, and ‘shrink’ the screen.

Facebook feeds can also be added into Tweetdeck,

You can setup a collective feed for several Twitter accounts, similarly for mentions, and DMs- they can all be neatly drawn together into a single column.

We’ve been playing around with it for the last hour and Tweetdeck is now much smoother and looking slick.

We’d still like the option of a horizontal view on Tweetdeck, even if it may look a little squashed. There’s also still no push notification feature, so you’ll still have to load the app to get updated. Third time lucky?

A completely different experience to its former version, it’s no surprise it’s not an update but a brand new app. You won’t get an update announcement from the app store, but you can click on our link below to download the new version now.

Like the last version, it’s still free.


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