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New York Post: charging for content depending on your device and browser

The pay wall trend continues, as the New York Post starts charging for content; but currently only for iPad owners who use Safari.

Apple Insider reports that when accessed via a Safari browser on the Apple iPad, the New York Post website is blocked. A pop-up window appears stating it is ‘only accessible via the app’ and directs you to download the app, which costs £1.19 per issue up to £42.99 for one year in the UK.


We tried it out for ourselves earlier today and we were directed to the iTunes store from Safari. However, swapping to an Opera Mini browser we could access the content.

We could also access content on the website through Safari on an iPhone 4, and the native Blackberry Playbook browser.

We’ve no objections to paying for content. Charging is probably the only way traditional publishers will be able to survive against the web. It also helps to pay for developing app-based content, which is often video rich and needs to be optimised for the iPad, requiring extra man power and time.

However it doesn’t seem fair to be penalised for the type of browser and device you use. According to blogger Dave Winer, this is ‘breaking the web. If no-one use the iPad it wouldn’t matter. But lots of people use it.’

As a Rupert Murdoch-owned paper it’s no surprise to see the New York Post start charging for content. If we look at what currently happens with The Times and News of the World here in the UK, it’s probably the first step to charging on a range of mobile devices. Ultimately, if you don’t want to pay you can always go elsewhere for your daily fix.   Let us know what you think via Facebook or Twitter.


Via: Apple Insider


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