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Next-gen iPhone: What we want “One more thing…” to be at WWDC

Today is the long-awaited iPhone day – the day that Steve Jobs will don his black polo-neck and take to the WWDC stage to reveal the controversial handset for real. There’s been much speculation at Recombu HQ and a little bit of dreaming – here’s what we humble writers would love to hear from that ‘One more thing’ moment.

Andrew, current handset: Palm Pixi Plus

I love a good leak as much as the next tech journalist but wouldn’t it be amazing if Steve Jobs unveiled a different next-gen iPhone to the one we’ve already seen. In fact, I hope he does unveil a different device because if it is the one from the bar then I’ll be slightly disappointed.

I don’t mind the leaked iPhone’s design but it’s not as futuristic as I was hoping for. Apple’s iPhones are so popular that I see them all the time now. I want Apple to unveil a mobile design game-changer, a device that makes other phones look positively boring. I want Steve Jobs’ one more thing to be, “We just made your current phone look ancient.

Kate, current handset: iPhone 3G

I miss buttons. After a good two years of touchscreen input, I’m beginning to loathe the impotent thud of finger on glass. I long for the reassuring clickity-click of a keypad and the satisfying resistance from the keys as they depress. So even though I know it’ll never happen, I’d love it if Stevie J made to leave the stage, turned coyly back to the audience and said “Oh, and one more thing… this baby’s got a slide-out Qwerty!”

Tom, current handset: HTC Legend

“We’ve been talking with carriers and we’ve agreed a lower price for the iPhone 4G. We’ve also come to an agreement which will see all iPhones take a 20 per cent price drop effective immediately…”

Of course we know this won’t happen. While I realise that the iPhone is a premium product and “it’s expensive to do business in the UK”, we’d really like to see the asking price of future iPhones fall, or the contracts to become a little more wallet friendly – or, in an ideal world, both.

[Image credit: Tom Coates]


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